Life Expectancy Calculator
This program calculates life expectancy based on age, sex, and general health and smoking status. It does not account for other demographics, lifestyle choices, medical conditions, diseases, or injuries. The results given here are based on U.S. data; comparable results can be generated for other countries.

Sex: Male Female
Age or DOB: (e.g. 42.1 or 7/26/1935)
Health Status
Excellent health. Non-smoker. No past medical history. No medications.

Good health. Non-smoker. Limited minor medical history or medications (such as for hypertension).

Average health, including light smoker with no medical history or non-smoker with minor health concerns (such as one of hypertension, obesity, or diabetes controlled by diet alone).

Smoker (not heavy) with limited past medical history and medications.

Heavy smoker; 1 pack (20 cigarettes) per day or more.